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As an employer, it is important to make your workforce feel important, appreciated & safe. One way to do this is to get a group mediclaim policy. These plans help your employees pay for healthcare expenses and give them an added sense of reassurance on the job.

Medical Insurance

What is a Group Mediclaim

A Group Health Insurance is a type of health insurance plan that covers for a group of people who work under the same organization. This is often offered as a valuable benefit for employees as the premium for the same is borne by the employer. The group health insurance coverage can be extended to the family members of the employees in some cases.

This policy is helpful in retaining the talent within an organisation. With Health insurance plan becoming imperative, the employers cover their employees from a financial crisis or prudence.

What does Group Mediclaim cover?
  • Individual cover for your worker
  • Pre-existing disease covered
  • Workers aged 18-60 years can be covered
  • Maternity benefit
  • Room rent charges covered
  • Pre-30 days & post 60 days hospitalization
  • Road ambulance charges covered
  • Day care procedure covered

Advantages of a Group Mediclaim plan:

Low Cost Premiums: Since a group health insurance policy is spread over a group of people, the premium for the same is a lot cheaper than other health policies.

Tax Benefits: According to the Income Tax Department of India, companies offering their employees with a corporate health insurance can benefit from some tax savings.

Company Goodwill: Organizations that offer their employees with valuable benefits lead to happier employees and happier work environments. This ultimately leads to a better goodwill for any company, big and small.

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Why protect your employees’ health with a Group Mediclaim policy?

Boost Employee Retention: People value jobs that give them a sense of security. A group health insurance will not only give your employees and their families enough financial security, but an overall sense of satisfaction that their employer actually cares about them.

Strengthen Employee Motivation: Happy employees make happy workspaces and evidently successful companies! It’s no surprise that the safer and satisfied employees feel, the happier and more motivated they’re likely to be!

Protect them from Severe Health Conditions: More than 61% of illness hospitalization and death in India are due to lifestyle-related diseases. Safeguard your employees from the same, amongst other diseases; the earlier these issues are diagnosed, the earlier they can be treated and resolved.

Enhance their Mental Wellbeing: Many employees are often affected by stress due to either financial pressure or other personal issues which can lead to lower productively levels at work too. Our group health insurance plan will not only safeguard their savings but, also enhance their overall mental wellbeing with the right support.

In our day to day lives, we are exposed to many risks associated either with accidents or illnesses. And with the ever increasing costs associated with Hospitalization, it can mean a drain on your precious savings. Not any more. With the Group Mediclaim policy, you can provide your employees/members the optimum cover they require.


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