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For a investor, Mutual Funds can be a great resource in meeting their investing goals . We at Dhanalakshmi Securities can recommend you with the right Mutual Fund depending on your wealth goals, risk appetite and time horizons.

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Planning to invest? We at Dhanalakshmi Securities help you protect your wealth and grow it with right investment solutions.

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Equity Funds

One of the safest funds that provide a reasonable rate of return.

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Debt Funds

One of the safest funds that provide a reasonable rate of return.

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Debt mutual funds strive to minimize risk by picking the least risky types of investment instruments. Debt mutual funds invest the majority of their corpus in fixed-income or fixed-interest generating opportunities and instruments future. Equity mutual funds are the riskiest class of mutual funds, and hence, they have the potential to provide higher returns than debt

  • Debt fund are low risk products which provide stable returns
  • Equity funds have moderate to high risk with good returns
  • Debt and Equity funds are commonly used
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Multiple Investment Options

Mutual funds offer one of the most comprehensive, easy and flexible ways to create a diversified portfolio of investments. There are different types of mutual funds that offer different options to suit investors diverse risk appetites.

  • Hybrid Funds- Moderate Term, High Risk
  • Liquid Funds- Short Term, Low Risk
  • Right approach may include using different funds to plan your different financial goals
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Liquid Funds

One of the safest funds that provide a reasonable rate of return.

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Gilt Funds

Debt fund that invest in government securities.

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Hybrid Funds

Invests in different asset classes for a diversified portfolio.

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