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General Insurance

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Let us help you protect your tangible assets against damages and accidents with general insurance.

Life Insurance

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Life Insurance provides financial protection to your loved ones in your absence.

Business Insurance

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You’ve taken a big risk by starting your own business. Let us help you protect and grow that business with insurance customized to help meet your needs.

Health Insurance

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Health insurance is designed to cover your medical expenses and give you the freedom to avail quality life

One-Stop Solution For Your Insurance Needs

Dhanalakshmi Securities helps you choose from a variety of personal insurance and business insurance solutions.

Dhanalakshmi Securities

17 years of business insurance expertise.

Dhanalakshmi Securities is one of the leading financial services providing firms with a special focus on Mutual Fund Investments. We are based in Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala, and have been providing services in the financial sector for more than a decade & a half now. Dhanalakshmi Securities was a dream come true for an energetic, finance-inclined youth R.Vaitheeswaran. He is currently the managing director of the family-based partnership firm. Mr. Vaitheeswaran completed his post-graduation in M.Com & has worked at leading stockbroking firm Karvy with a special focus on mutual fund advisory. He also practiced for C.A. entrance and at the same time laid the foundation for establishing his own mutual fund advisory firm. He started Dhanalakshmi Securities in 2004,and in the last 17 years, we have been serving clients from all walks of life. The CEO of our firm is Mrs. Rima Vaitheeswaran, the wife of Mr. Vaitheeswaran, an able supporter, advisor, and a capable businesswoman who has always been the torchbearer.

Financial advice is often a complex topic for many people. However, we strive to provide the best service by educating our clients on how to better manage their finances and make informed decisions about saving time or money today with access to top-notch financial products tailored specifically for each client’s risk profile and timeline.

Goal based Investing

When investments are goal-based, a person is better prepared to deal with financial needs such as a child’s education, wedding, retirement, health emergencies, job loss, etc.

Mutual Fund

A mutual fund lets you invest in a broad group of stocks or other investments picked by a professional fund manager.

Why work with Dhanalakshmi Securities

Dhanalakshmi Securities is financial services co which do financial planning in a manner you feel personalized services and appropriate to your goals and life stages with a very professional approach

17 years of experience

For the last 17+ years, our founder has been serving clients with an exceptional standard. As a result, we have earned their trust in us and know that we will deliver excellence on every project!

Wide range of financial solutions

We offer a variety of investment options for our clients like mutual funds and savings etc.

Personalized financial solutions

We all have different financial needs, and our services cannot be one-size-fits-all. That's why we provide a personalized solution for you, tailored to your unique situation!

Educational and Transparent approach

Education and transparency are the keys to a lasting relationship with all of our customers. We want to help you as an individual client or family member in need of financial advice.

Focused financial advisors

We focus mainly on mutual fund advisory and help you make the right decisions regarding them.

Attention to details

We know you want an informed Financial Professional who will only suggest products that are in your best interest. That's why we research every aspect of our work, from taxation and returns, before suggesting anything at all!

Life Insurance

Looking for help protecting yourself and your family ?  We can help you get that peace of mind within your budget. Our goal is to understand your needs and get you suitable coverage with top-quality insurance products.

Health Insurance

Health risks can arise anytime and can seriously effect you financially. During such testing times Health Insurance can safeguard your finances. We assist you in providing the right health cover.

Mutual Funds

Different businesses have different insurance needs. We’ll thoroughly assess your business and situation to develop creative, comprehensive, cost-effective solutions that fit your needs.

Business Insurance

In today’s ever-changing environment, risk is constant. Business insurance isn’t. We’ll thoroughly assess your business and situation to develop creative, comprehensive, cost-effective solutions that fit your needs.

The Advantages of Working with an Independent Insurance Agency

Here are few reasons you should work with an Independent Insurance Agency

One-stop Financial solution

You will be able to find multiple companies and wide options

Easy Switching

Switch without hassle and find the most suitable insurance

Unbiased Advice

We don’t represent one company and can give you multiple options to choose from

Personalized service

Higher quality customer care than big corporate companies

Servicing from the same person

We help all the way from policy reviews to claims assistance

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Life Insurance

Learn the different risks you have for your most prized asset, your home

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